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Lorrie Indiana Chicago Erotic  MassageBeneath all of our story, all of our shame, all of our wounding, and all of our pain, there is a deep longing to remember our original authentic selves. In the rediscovery of who we truly are, we come home again to that once familiar place of belonging, connection, intimacy and of our real power. In that place, we celebrate our RETURN TO INNOCENCE.

The truth is that our sexual nature is our divine birthright. The sex center is the engine to catapult the awakening of the flow of life force energy throughout the entire bodymind. The process can be referred to as the body prayer path. It is a pathway to healthy living, heightened pleasure and higher consciousness.

This cutting edge touch adventure is a unique style of professional massage. The approach is an integration of therapeutic and sensual. Holistically oriented, it is a form of self exploration. Using an eclectic blend of massage techniques, the experience is nurturing, sensual, healing and enticing. The end result is a serious state of deep relaxation!

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